Thursday, October 14, 2010

Orbital - Halcyon and On and On

There are hundreds of songs that make me nostalgic, and bring to mind a simpler, happier time, however, this particular song will forever encapsulate my childhood. I first heard it on the Mortal Kombat soundtrack, which I had on tape and I remember distinctly, around the age of 9 or 10, getting this strange, beautiful feeling that I couldn't figure out at the time, and still can't describe. I think the title of the track is the best description for the feeling that the song evokes, and for me my halcyon days existed during my early youth. I'd have miniature battles with cicada exoskeletons under my neighbors giant oak tree as sunlight filtered through the branches providing a tenebrism of luminaires for my little dramas. I'd also often climb that particular oak tree, each time attempting to ascend higher than before, and then seeing how high I could jump from. It's a miracle I didn't break a leg or an ankle. There was also a labyrinth of routes of fences in my cul de sac which I had memorized and allowed me to get to any of my friends' houses in the neighborhood in a matter of minutes by hopping a fence or two. Swimming in my pool, playing in the park, riding bikes, jumping on friends' trampolines, building lego sets in my room, playing sports out in the street; the days were interminably blissful. I recall being utterly fascinated with everything. My imagination soared at the slightest whim. I collected everything there was for a boy to collect and prided myself on my extensiveness of these collections. If there was ever a heaven, it existed during my childhood years. I dedicate this song to that period.

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