Friday, October 15, 2010

Go-Kart Mozart Discography

Lawrence Hayward, one of the greatest and most under-appreciated musicians since the dawn of pop music. His history is an almost ironic one, as he should have achieved commercial success countless times, but fatefully never managed to take Felt above ground (which was probably for the best, as his fantastic and eccentric post-Felt career trajectory most likely wouldn't have happened otherwise). Rising like a phoenix from the ashes of Denim, and similar to the sounds found on Novelty Rock and Denim on Ice, came Lawrence's techno pastiche "hyper pop" outfit, clad in an array of layered synthesizers. Bordering on self parody, Go-Kart Mozart's wry and satirical lyrics touch on a broad range of random, goofy, self-aware topics. The songs themselves are short and spastic, are almost entirely electronic, unlike early Denim, which had a more guitar oriented sound. Both of these albums are indeed "novelty techno" as I've heard them dubbed, but they are really special records in my book. Tearing Up the Album Charts is probably the better of the two, but much like choosing your favorite child, its too difficult to say for sure. Fans of Felt and Denim - I speak of these albums in glowing tones - don't miss out on this.


Instant Wigwam and Igloo Mixture (1999)
Tearing Up The Album Charts (2005)



  1. Thank you thank you. I love all things Lawrence and have been looking for these albums for a while.

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