Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ben Watt & Robert Wyatt - North Marine Drive + Summer Into Winter

North Marine Drive is the debut solo album from Ben Watt, who would later go on to form Everything But the Girl with Marine Girl Tracey Thorn. Summer into Winter EP is the sensitive, seasonal collaboration between Watt and the legendary Robert Wyatt. Both albums house a pleasant, rustic seaside vibe and feature sparse, mainly acoustic instrumentation (with the occasional saxophone or piano) that creates a sense of lulling and atmospheric melancholy. The shining highlight here is the title track "North Marine Drive" - its the sort of song that makes one sigh, in a nice, reflective way. This one would make for a good soundtrack to a romantic, aimless, wintry evening drive; maybe driving around looking at Christmas lights or something equally as emotionally incandescent.

Rating: 9/10