Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Shiny Two Shiny - Halfway Across the Rainbow (1982)

I'm feeling laconic tonight so I'll sum this album up in short: the key lime pie of lo-fi psychedelic synth pop; an acquired taste; a classy sort of drug music. This is a rare, almost perfect record crafted for the most refined musical taste buds. For that reason I have trouble describing it, there's nothing to compare it to, it's in a league of its own and it has it all. It starts off so splendid and melodic and heavenly, and ends in dark psychotropic deluge, a beautiful wavering shadowy crescendo. If you listened to this on mushrooms you'd swear it was the very best thing your ears had ever heard. If you listened to it stone sober, you might just come to the same conclusion.

Rating: 10/10

DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/?z3fngqhfc4nlmh2


  1. Please re-upload! I've been looking this album for several months.
    You have an awesome blog, I just love it.

  2. I concur on all points! Would love to hear this album in its entirety. Thanks.