Thursday, August 12, 2010

Weekend - La Variete (1983)

Believe it or not, but this is actually a side project of two members from Young Marble Giants. The two groups sound so completely different, that you'd never make the connection on your own. The album is kind of all over the place, but their style is mainly like a new wave bossa nova/samba, with plenty of bass, saxophone, and bongo drums. Kind of reminiscent of and existing around the same time as the French band Antena, but minus the electronic overtones. If you ever feel the need to take an imaginary seaside vacation, just put this album on and turn the volume up. In no time, you'll begin to feel the sand beneath your toes and the sun on your skin, hear the tide against the shore, and smell the combination of sun lotion, sea salt, and pina-coladas in the air. Maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration, but all these essences are bottled within the jazzy rhythms and airy arrangements of La Variete. If you plan on taking a real beach vacation - even better! This is the perfect breezy/sunny summer day record.

Rating: 8/10



  1. Looking for the 'Archive' compilation of their stuff... have you seen it around?

  2. I haven't, but as soon as I get internet up at my new place, I'll browse around for it.

  3. Extraordinary blog, shiny two shiny,spacemen 3, durutti column (i think) ughhh we have exactly the same music taste.