Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Comateens - One by One (best of) - (1991)

I made a brief reference to these guys in the Blueboy post earlier today, so I figured why not dedicate a full post to them? To be honest, this compilation, although highly sought after in physical form, is a wee bit spotty, but its mainly due to the band's stylistic changes throughout the years. They formed in the late 70’s and continued making music until ‘85. Some of their directions they took I dug on, others not so much. Mostly they shift between light post-punk, dancy synth-wave and power pop. There are a few hits in here, and some more experimental, off key pops songs. The former of which, such as "Cold Eyes,” “Uptown” and “Winter” among others I think people will enjoy the most. All in all you might say that this is a wintry breed of pop, as it just has a chilly feel to it, despite its upbeat drum machine tempos. Not the best album ever, by any means, but a good compendium of work from a solid, influential band.

Rating: 7/10


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