Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bobb Trimble - Jupiter Transmission (1995)

Bobb Trimble is a cult collector's wet dream. Forever destined to be on the far fringe of the music industry, his records were criminally overlooked for many years before someone somewhere stumbled upon a dusty used vinyl copy of Iron Curtain Innocence and said ,"Holy shit - this is amazing!" and decided to take action to get his work re-released. Jupiter Transmission is the result of one such discovery. It's a CD compilation album consisting of a choice selection of tracks from his first two LPs, Iron Curtain Innocence and Harvest of Dreams. This is a bizarre one, even for the neo-psych crowd, most noticeably because of Bobb's otherworldly falsetto voice (which is so high pitched it almost sounds feminine at times) and the hypnotic arrangements backing it. Each song an entrancing entity, woven into a web of mystique and euphoria. Trimble's music is like regular psychedelic music on acid; way, way out there, but also a must have for anyone with a piqued interest in the genre.

Rating: 8.5/10



  1. Just discovered the blissed out onieric sounds of Bobb Trimble thanks to Weirdsville blog (I was actually trying to track down another signal from another prized entheogenic cargo cult artefact namely the early 70s German Peter Thomas soundtrack to the film of Von Dankien's 'Chariots Of The Gods' which does a very good job of soundtracking the ancient astronaut mythos (but I digress).... anyway they showcased this album but the RAM file would not load so I head over to YT, find a couple of songs from this album and nearly fall over...1980?!? Some of the tracks sound like they could have been made 30 seconds ago...never mind 30 years ;)

    So I come hunting for the album and it appears this is one of the few places on the net that reference Bobb Trimble's 'Jupiter Transmissions' (apart from the places selling the artefact!) huge thanks for sharing and when I get around to buying the CD then Bobb and his record company should thank you!

    The map is not the territory
    the menu is not the meal
    the mp3 is not the record

    and whoever said that staring at an atlas is better than visiting the country or reading about food is better than tasting it and likewise the idea of not wanting to own the actual artefact after repeat listens of this albums is crazy!

    Keep up the good work, the saucer people applaud you!

  2. Good commentary. Definitely buy the cd from him as I know he is active once again and could probably use the money. I had a really nice limited edition Bobb shirt which I lost somewhere regretfully. Glad you liked my post and keep reading, I'll try to post some more in this vein when I get the chance.

  3. Dang could you reupload this?