Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Blueboy - Selected Discography

I walked outside today to take out the trash and was pleasantly surprised to be greeted by not only non-scorching temperatures, but a relatively cool and mild gust of morning breeze. Although it's probably just Texas' bipolar climate, it felt like the first meditative day of fall (which for many years was my favorite season), and I've always thought of Blueboy and Sarah Records material as autumn music. The juxtaposition of cool, mild weather and music like this (easy, emotive instrumentation with soft, floating vocals) has always really resonated with me so definitely expect some Sarah Records posts this week. Comateens also had a really nice song about the seasonal transition of this time of year and the reflective emotions it tends to evoke.

About Blueboy. Blueboy was the musical vehicle of Keith Girdler and Paul Stewart. Musically they were an indie-pop/twee band, and lyrically you often got the impression you were listening to a sung version of a reading of Keith Girdler's diary, however it's very poetical. Needless to say, Blueboy were a very sensitive band, perhaps even, the most sensitive sounding band I can call to mind (excluding crappy modern angsty emo bands, of course). However, as sappy and potentially off-putting as that may seem, there's an intelligence and emotional range that, when combined with Stewart's concise and autumnal musicianship and Gemma Townlet's backing vocals and gorgeous cello playing, allows for an intimate relationship with the listener. Tragically, Girdler died of cancer in 2004, which makes his music all the more delicate. This collection includes a few early singles on Sarah Records and 2 of their best LPs, If Wishes Were Horses and Unisex, the latter being the highlight here - a truly fantastic album.

Rating: 9/10


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