Saturday, March 12, 2011

Albert Ellis - Sex and the Liberated Man (1976)

Sex and the Liberated Man is like a more tactful, less sleazy, intellectual version of The Game (actually, since I’ve never read that conniving, misogynistic drivel, I can’t vouch for its level of intelligence, but I’m assuming that sexologist Dr. Albert Ellis is more qualified on matters of sexuality) In the book, Ellis discussed the negative physical and psychological impacts of abstinence, masturbation, how to eradicate sex guilt, the sexuality of women, the art of sexual persuasion, how to arouse a woman, among a handful of other topics, that can be appreciated by both genders. Unlike The Game, its not misogynistic, but rather promotes love and healthy experimental sex between partners. If you’re a male of any age (its written in a way that females can also obtain useful information from it, but as the title suggests its mainly for the guys), I highly recommend checking this book out, as it’s a wellspring of brilliant focal points on sexuality and informative suggestions to improve your sex life. Don’t confuse it as some plebic self-help book. Ellis is a master in his field and knows what he is talking about and presents the information in a very scientific manner. It’s up there with Good Sex Illustrated by Tony Duvert as one of my favorite pieces of literature on sexuality, which is saying a lot.

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