Wednesday, March 2, 2011

MIX - Heart Beat, Dance Beats

Carla from Daybed made me a mix in return and its really good. It's what you'd expect from her: some ultra obscure minimal wave, a little synth pop, and everything in between. She describes it as "a mix of funky and dark" - pretty accurate description as it opens with an intense film score prelude before hitting you hard with some groovy darkwave pop. Dig it.

01) Fabio Frizzi - Zombie 1
02) Monsoon - Ever So Lonely
03) Masoch - Barcelone
04) Vidar Og Gearne - Pleide a Vakne
05) Lio - Amoureux Solitaires
06) Kuruki - Such a Liar
07) Martin Human - Rocks and Caves
08) The Toy Shop - Live Wires Kill
09) Land of Giants - Cannibal Dolls
10) Days of Sorrow - Travel
11) Angela - Painted Love
12) Taco - [I'm not even going to try to decode this title]
13) Silvia - Ich Bin Nicht Die
14) Black Fantasy - Evil Places
15) After This - Fields
16) Pas De Deux - Cardiocleptomanie


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