Wednesday, March 9, 2011

MIX - Portable People

I asked my good friend Carlo of Walleye to lend his exceptional tastes and make a mix for the blog. He agreed and came through with a fantastic continuous compilation featuring a bit of twee, a bit of post punk, and a bit of minimal synth pop. Dig - it's good stuff.

1. Bart & Friends - "Are You Guys Into Wings?"
2. The Aluminum Group - "Star Wish"
3. The Radio Dept. - "This Time Around"
4. Royalty - "Lycklig"
5. Sic - "Voltage Control"
6. Takumi - "Tokyoite"
7. The Passions - "I'm In Love With a German Film Star"
8. Pearly Gatecrashers - "In The Summer"
9. The Wake - "Gruesome Castle"
10. Jessica Blue - "The Dark of Light (Radio Version)"
11. Phillippe Entre2mers - "Quai D'Orient (Version Remixee)"
12. Aaah...! - "Slip Away"
13. Seona Dancing - "Bitter Heart (Extended)"
14. Automelodi - "Rose A.D."
15. Autocollants - "We Can't Have it All"



  1. Thanks for a passionate blog, the net could use more of those.

  2. Much obliged, thanks for reading!

  3. LOVE this mix! As always, keep the tunes coming.