Saturday, March 5, 2011

Darcy Clay - Jesus I was Evil (1997)

During his shortlived (very literally) time making music, New Zealand musician Daniel Bolton aka Darcy Clay made one of the best rock n roll EPs of the decade that has since become a posthumous classic. Every song on Jesus I Was Evil is passionate, vigorous, frenetic in classic rock fashion and full of character – qualities lacking in today’s music. I’ve heard it described as “country-fried punk rock” which I would say is a fitting description. Another attribute of his style is his dynamic, high pitched vocals, which add a dimension of uniqueness to his sound. The punch-you-in-the-face opening titular track stands out the strongest, but they’re all equally solid. Following track “What About it” is my personal favorite on the album (so much so, that I adopted it as the theme song to my future podcasts), and his funky rock cover of Dolly Parton‘s “Jolene” is the best version of the song I’ve ever heard, turning in into a song of his own – nothing like the country original. “All I Gotta Do” sounds like the soundtrack to a barfight. It’s a raucous affair through and through; rough and raw but with a good deal of catchiness that makes you want to stomp your feet and bang the steering wheel and just rock out in general. “In the Middle” continues with the front and center approach, and is sexy and confronting, a bonafied jam to close out the record with a bang.

To add to the mythos of the record, was Darcy’s premature and unforeseen demise. He commited suicide in his girlfriends house one week before he was set to play an anti-suicide benefit gig. Although tragic, it was also the most badass way one could end one’s life, making a fatalistic statement in the process. But maybe that’s just me being pro-choice when it comes to suicide. If you really want to off yourself, go for it, and that’s just what Darcy did. Although it’s a damn shame he only put out one EP before doing so, but that’s just how the cards fell. Jesus I Was Evil was his only album, but a seminal and classic one that will hopefully live on long after Darcy's death.

Rating: 9/10


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