Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Durutti Column - Another Setting (1983)

Depression and Ennui go hand in hand. You lose interest in things and then you sit around pondering what to do with your day, wishing you could float aloft into the sky, or if your depression is severe enough, lay down and just cease to be.

This is a very solemn, lonely, and reflective album, although shimmering with beauty. "Spent Time" is the perfect example of this - its such a gorgeous, captivating song with endless depth and wisdom. Beauty and sadness also go hand in hand sometimes. To quote Oscar Wilde from De Profundis, "Where there is Sorrow there is holy ground. Some day people will realize what that means. They will know nothing of life till they do." Beauty is interesting to me. It's always fleeting. Its sometimes exotic. It houses a certain vagueness. I'm sure countless people have discussed and debated what constitutes and embodies it, but I do think a key component is ambiguity.

The Durutti Column is essentially Vini Reilly. I could talk at great lengths about how I feel Mr. Reilly must be a great man based simply on listening to his lengthy and impressive discography over the past year or so. He is most assuredly a very, very talented guitar player. But beyond that, he has an emotional range that is rich and well explored, which he conveys well in his songs, some of which he refers to as "sketches." An apt term, as his music often paints hazy mental pictures for the keen listener to form subjective personal imagery. Both musically and lyrically this is an album of beauty, sadness, subtlety, vagueness, and all those qualities holding hands and dancing around those of us with the ability to appreciate them.

"I want your special smile. Your smile in this crowd"

Just beautiful.

Rating: 10/10


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