Friday, July 30, 2010

Pulp - It (1983)

Pulp's early career is often overshadowed by their over glamorized and glorified disco-inspired creations of the 90s. However, Jarvis' more humble, acoustic beginnings have a cozy, charming feel that is seeping with affection and kindles nostalgic romanticism throughout. The theme of this album is obvious and one Jarvis seems to have an almost natural understanding of: love. The theme of love permeates all of Jarvis Cocker's music and nearly every song on It is devoted to the topic, as even Jarvis proudly confesses,"I've got this love inside of me" and later on straightforwardly, "I love love". "My Lighthouse" is a gorgeous acoustic ballad with quiet accompaniment, which opens the album with an appropriate sample of seagulls and the barely audible tide. "Blue Girls" might be my favorite track and is a song I yearn to hear played live at at a sparsely occupied hotel bar whilst feeling forlorn and drinking alone, although I realize this is something that will never happen outside of daydreams. In summary, this a short but rewarding record, and a great, yet overlooked debut.

Rating: 9/10


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