Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Norwegian Wood trailer

Tran Anh Hung is directing the film adaptation of one of my favorite Murakami novels, Norwegian Wood. Although I am an outspoken and adamant Beatles hater, I am huge Murakami fan, and am excited about the project, as this will be the first time a full length novel of his will be adapted into a movie. Apparently, he had refused to sell the rights to the novel until Tran Anh Hung came along, and felt this would be the right person to handle an adaptation. Also worth noting that Johnny Greenwood is doing is the soundtrack; his first since There Will Be Blood, which adds to the promising equation. Fingers crossed this turns out good. If it's half as amazing as the wonderful Tony Takitani (based on a Murakami novella), I'll be satisfied.

For comparison, here's the trailer for Tony Takitani:

If you haven't seen this, I highly recommend it. One of the finest depictions of loneliness ever portrayed on film.

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