Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fanuelle - Fanuelle (2005)

What a beautiful name this man has. "(Matthew) Fanuelle is a peculiar guy. Living in New York, he wears earplugs most of the day. In this silence he finds his song. Loud and clear." I really don't have enough good things to say about this guy. I wish he'd write more music, quite frankly, because this may be the best pop album of the past decade. Almost every song on the album is one you can nod your head and tap your foot to. Much like a subdued Go-Kart Mozart, this is a truly eccentric and unique pop masterpiece. His voice is dynamic, yet seemingly effortless and organic, his music ubiquitous and compelling, at once familiar and distinct. Pleasant piano arias, over well-composed synthetic sound sculptures accompanied by ambiguous. drifting lyrics are a few qualities which define Fanuelle. Another noticeable aspect of this album is the occasional inclusion of spliced cuts of various television/movie samples, which add a strange dimension to the already multi-layered tracks. This is an extraordinary album, and heads in a direction that I only wish more modern DIY musicians would follow.

Rating: 10/10



  1. I couldn't agree more. I used his music in a film I made years ago, he shared many brilliant tracks not on this album... I finally uploaded them from CD - and having lost track of Matt just Googled him to see what's up. Apparently he now calls himself Nunzio Fattini (love it) and has a new album under that name - just bought it from iTunes, though it's also for free on his Web site.

  2. If you're interested, the movie is "The World's Best Prom," ( it's streaming live on Netflix and elsewhere. Just watch the title sequence with his "Here is a Life," you will enjoy.

  3. Chris, I made a post about Nunzio Fattini not too long ago. Its easily my favorite release of the year. As for your film, soungs great. Sign me up for anything with Fanuelle in the soundtrack!

  4. Calle, I don't have access to my harddrive at the moment - try emailing Matt (Fanuelle) himself. He is a really nice guy, and I'm sure he would be willing to send you the album for free. It was up on his old website for several years.