Friday, July 23, 2010

Short and bitter novella about a man whose insecurities prevent him from getting laid even with many opportunities presented to him, adding to the loneliness of his already sad summer. A fitting read for me at the moment.

'It can't be, you're not are you?'
'Not what.'
'Samuel S.'
'You don't know me.'
'You are. Gee, I mean I've never seen
a picture of you, but somehow I
wouldn't miss you anywhere. You
know a friend of my uncle who's a
professor at NYU., he knows you. He
said you were one of the points of
interest in Europe.'
'Despair is the word'
'Gee it's true, that's just, ha ha like
what he said you might say. . . By the
way, I'm Abigail.

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