Saturday, July 31, 2010

Television Personalities - Privilege (1990)

Privilege is one of my favorite albums ever and I come to appreciate it more with each listen. This was the Television Personalities first album in five years and is stylistically quite different from their previous work with more direct pop influences. Much like The Painted Word, it has some really doleful, depraved, and despondent songs which Treacy manages to pull off in an incredibly heartfelt, honest, and almost pitiful manner ("All My Dreams are Dead," "What if it's Raining?," "Privilege" to name a few) and a handful of stellar upbeat 60's inspired pop songs as well, which make for a well-rounded record. There's even hints of twee here and there. The album is diverse and lovable, and really makes you empathize with Treacy and his troubles. Privilege may be the saddest pop record ever made.

Rating: 9.5/10



  1. Thanks! I just fell in love with this band. Your blog has some great stuff on it, I look forward to reading up!

  2. Hi, can you upload this album again? This blog is fantastic!