Saturday, July 31, 2010

Television Personalities - Closer to God (1992)

Closer to God is the sloppy, yet harrowing jangle pop follow up album to Privilege and its kind of an amalgam between it and The Painted Word. I'm mainly posting this because it's presence seems to be lacking on the internet and I'd like for it to get some exposure. However, Privilege is a far more polished and proficient work. You get the feeling Treacy was beginning his plunge into drug addiction and depression during the time Closer to God was being produced, as the tone is darker and songs generally rougher in nature. The despondency is back, this time with out in the open suicidal tendencies and talk of nervous breakdowns. It also has some duds and is much more bipolar and scattered than Privilege, which, in comparison, is a pretty consistent record. Still, there are some good songs to be found, especially near the end of the album ("I Hope you have a Nice Day," "This Heart's Not Made of Stone," and the lengthy title track "Closer to God" - which is rather moving - are some of the standouts)

Rating: 6.5/10



  1. thank you for the download. I was ready for this LP & couldn't find it anywhere else.

  2. Your very welcome! Yeah I had to nab it from it iTunes because it was literally no where else to be found.

  3. Hello Matt, thank yopu for this post as well as the Privilege post. I ol-nly know the early period of the Personalities, I always thought it was their best, which is generally very common regarding such long-lasting bands. This might help to change my mind :o)

  4. Hey, you're quite welcome. I love early TVP, but I feel Privilege may be their best album. Its tough though...hope it changes your mind :)