Friday, July 9, 2010

Peter Koppes - Manchild & Myth

Epic 80s bedroom pop with halcyonic synths - this is the kind of genre that tends to give me a big ole boner if done correctly. There is also an underlying fantasy theme in the song titles and lyrically, but its subtle and not too over exploited. It works well. Speaking of the lyrics, they're optimistic and refreshing and there are some really great, simple chorus lines in there. Some might consider this effort to be sophomoric compared to his second, more polished studio-oriented release, but I like the tape recording vibe and the lo-fi sound better than what Peter did with From the Well (which is also a good record). There's not much filler here either - almost every song on this album is well-written and could qualify as a lo-fi pop classic. Even instrumental tracks like "Sahara" are oddly hypnotizing and induce general head nodding. Aside from "Under the Milky Way Tonight" and a handful of others, his solo material blows The Church's stuff out of the water by a mile. It's strange and unfortunate how one band can be so popular and a more talented solo artist can slip under the radar, forgotten by history.

Rating: 9.5/10


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